Chinatown, NY

Touring New York: First stop, Chinatown!

As I got down from the van, I noticed something repulsive about our first destination in our New York trip. No offense, but Chinatown, New York smells pretty bad. I honestly couldn’t tell what the possible substances are in the mixture of the sickening smell. I hope the food here isn’t as bad as the smell of this place. After taking in the stomach-turning scent, I looked up at the place we were going into. It looks like a small apartment-looking building. We were directed to the basement(?) it was a floor lower than the entrance, but only for about three to five steps down.

My family and I were instructed to leave our things in a room, after that we were free to roam around just as long as we went back to the building in time for the tour bus to pick us up. My cousin and I decided to take pictures, noting much happened; we got to take in some of Chinatown though. In all honesty, I don’t really find anything special about Chinatown, but if there’s a festival here, I’ll be sure to try and admire it.

“I don’t like that smell…”


My Family and I are starting to get hungry and there’s a restaurant nearby called Popeye’s, apparently all they serve there is chicken. Honestly, I’m kind of grateful I’m allergic to chicken. The smell and appearance of the chicken isn’t all that enticing… I need McDonald’s or something. I hope we find another place to eat soon. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be going to any other food places any time soon.

Walking into Popeye’s I get a little worried; there’s no rice on the menu! I guess the U. S. has its pros and cons. I decide to just order some small chicken bites or whatever served in a cup. While we we’re eating, some Chinese man asked to “borrow” my uncle’s phone. We all knew he was trying to steal so my uncle said and I quote “No”. The man replied with an “Aww..”, whatever happened after that was all a blur to me. My family and I finished all our meals and left, unfortunately our stomachs were quite upset after that.

After our stomach-upsetting meal, we went back to the building where our things are, the tour bus finally arrived! Looking at the bus, out came a petite Chinese woman. She has very short hair, too short to wear in a bun, but long enough to wear a headband. Her hair was being held up with eye wear; I’m not quite sure if she was wearing shades or glasses. She told us to get inside of the van. Inside I sat next to my cousins, Darla, a beautiful tall girl with lovely brown hair, and Derrick, an introverted boy with black curly hair. After sitting down, we were on our way to our designated hotel.

Is Going To Chinatown, New York worth it? [Summary]

I didn’t quite enjoy Chinatown. The food in Chinatown is actually quite unpleasant, yet I think it’s because I didn’t go to the restaurants with a good menu and food. If you would like to go to Chinatown, go for it. However, if you ask me, I wouldn’t recommend it. Jasmine Masters once said,“No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade.”(meaning: not to offend anybody, but…), but I honestly hated it. Hate is a strong word, that’s why I used it. However, I think Chinatown, NY could still grow on me. Chinatown just gave me a bad first impression, the food, some of the people and the environment. Those are just few of the many I could name. In conclusion, as of now, I wouldn’t recommend going to Chinatown, NY. But if you ask me when I’ve visited Chinatown like five or six times. I probably just need some more time to admire the good and beautiful things.

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