The Met Museum, NY

Touring New York: The Met Museum

Today we’re going to The Met Museum. I wondered why the name “The Met” sounded so familiar, to my surprise, this is where the actual “Met Gala” has been held; looking outside the tour bus the architecture on the outside of the museum looks absolutely –marvelous! I stepped out of the bus and placed my feet on the concrete sidewalk. As I stepped down, I felt chills run down my spine, the climate in fall sure is something. I waited for the rest of the families and the other tourists(most of them were Chinese, if I’m not mistaken my family is the only Family that isn’t Chinese.). I walked to the first step of the museum, the steps were roughly thirty steps to reach the top, then another thirty to reach the actual entrance. The exterior had large columns, along with a roof with intricate designs, and to top it all off, there were two banners in between two columns by the entrance. Just looking at the style of the building, I feel like i’m about to meet a Greek god!

Walking into the museum, we had to have our bags checked(Think airport bag checking, but smaller, and shorter lines.). After all our bags were checked, we were given a map of the whole museum and where all the exhibits from different eras are. The map looks quite easy to deduce, but as you try to navigate through it, you’re literally in a labyrinth with no exit –whatsoever!

I would tell you all about the Byzantine Exhibit or the Egyptian Exhibit, but there were two exhibits that were really unforgettable. I was very amazed and in awe with the European Sculpture Exhibit and the Decorative Arts Exhibit. Let’s start with the sculptures. IABSOLUTELY- loved it! I really admire the way all the sculptures were both atomically correct and paid attention to detail. You could look at the silhouette of any statue here and think it was a person. The sculptures had every detail, they had each strand of hair, they also had beautiful well-sculpted folds in their clothes. The sculptors made the clothes look like they were actually draping over the subject. I just cant get enough of the attention to detail!

Moving on to the next exhibit which is the Decorative Arts Exhibit. This Exhibit is absolutely -EXTRAVAGANT! I absolutely loved how not only were the objects and materials were in theme, but also the walls and the floor we were walking on! The wallpaper of the exhibit had very beautiful color; the color was simple, it didn’t have much design on it, yet it went well with the different objects and furniture in the exhibit.

Something else I would like to talk about is the beautiful and gorgeous lighting each room had. They were all lit up by ‘candles’; these candles were actually florescent lights. The bulbs were shaped to look like a candle flame, it had the wiring and such inside of the candle shaped bulb. The tables, fireplaces, and such were made of both marble and wood. I truly admire this exhibit because of how amazingly beautiful they can make rooms look; the museum made the exhibit look both elegant and ‘homey’.

As we were leaving the museum and walking down the steps, a peculiar event took place. As my cousins and I head to the tour bus, a man was ROLLING DOWN THE STAIRS! He was rolling down the thirty or so steps of the museum. As my cousins and I went back to the tour bus, I couldn’t help but laugh. The way he was just rolling down the stairs, was hilarious to me! I felt bad though, it must’ve hurt, but he treated it as it was nothing. I really admire when people are sensing or feeling pain, yet say they’re fine to not let anyone worry. So This finally concludes the trip to the Met Museum.

The Met museum: win or lose? [summary]:

I think that The Met Museum was definitely a win. I enjoyed the Decorative Arts Exhibit and the European Sculptures Exhibit. I truly think that if you were given the chance to visit it, take it. The exhibits look absolutely extravagant. I can’t express how much you should really go here; you can get really good pictures here in The Met Museum. The statues and the interior design, as well as their choice of placement of each exhibit, you will truly enjoy this place. Remember when I said the museum is similar to a labyrinth? Well, while you get lost in this huge informative labyrinth with no exit; you will surely enjoy the beautiful scenery and exhibits that this labyrinth has in store for you .

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