Empire State Building, NY

Touring new york: Empire state building, ny

Today, we’ll be travelling to the Empire State Building; this building was actually constructed during a race to create the world’s tallest building and actually ranked ninth in the Top Ten Tallest Buildings in The United States. We entered to a regular bag checking,very similar to those of airports, I’m honestly not surprised, you can find these kinds of bag checking everywhere. I really prefer it, it gives me the sense that I’m safe in the building, which, is also a good thing since I feel like I’m going to get a teensy-weensy bit nauseous.

After all our bags were checked, we proceeded to walk to a small room, this room had a small(?) or medium- sized three dimensional diagram of the whole building, it was absolutely adorable and very impressive, even the paint-job of the model was excellent. While looking at the diagram suddenly, we were ushered by the Chinese tour guide to proceed up a few steps. We finally came to the elevator, I entered the elevator with my mother, and my cousins, Darla and Derrick. The elevator had very beautiful walls, they were made of marble of different shades, and the doors of the elevator had a small graphic of the Empire State Building in black marble. It was absolutely -STUNNING!

As we ascended from the elevator to the one hundred second floor if I’m not mistaken, there was a video playing on the roof of the building. It was quite calming, since the voice of the American narrator was talking about the building and thanking the people for experiencing the building in its entirety and beauty. The video was just of colors and simple images that calm the mind (well, for me, at least). I imagined the elevator ride would take at least fifteen minutes, we’re talking about going to the highest point in the building ( that’s roughly 1,454 feet above Midtown Manhattan!). The elevator ride took faster than I expected! What was about ten minutes felt like three!

We then left the elevator to arrive at a small room with windows with the view of New York City. it’s quite mesmerizing if you ask me! We were then ushered again by the Chinese tour guide to the observation deck; this observation deck is the pièce de résistance of the whole building! All we did really was take in the cold, crisp, fresh air of New York. We also took some pictures of the view and looked down at the skyline of New York. After that, our trip to The Empire State Building has finally concluded.

The Empire state building: Yes or no?[Summary]

Personally, just like Simon Cowell, “It’s a yes for me.” I ABSOLUTELY loved it! The height was quite frightening at first, but the elevator video really calms your nerves and senses and when you actually get a good look at the place it’s actually quite nice. Would I go here again? If given the chance, ABSOLUTELY! In conclusion, I really recommend that you really try and get an appointment with mister Empire State Building, your surely won’t regret it.

Keep up with my travel around the United States with the link below! https://wp.me/pbl387-2g

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