Brooklyn, NY


According to Tripsavvy , Brooklyn isn’t a City, even though Brooklyn is larger than many cities, Brooklyn isn’t a city. It’s an outer-borough of New York City. At one time, Brooklyn was it’s own city, but that was back in the 1800’s. It’s now apart of New York City. Next time you’re visiting the Big Apple, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and think of the Sandhogs as you make the famous walk across the bridge, like Emily Roebling. 

Originally, I thought was a city because of how large it was and the amount of people who lived in Brooklyn. I came to Brooklyn to look at their most well-known attraction(?), the Brooklyn Bridge.

Britannica said that The masterwork of John Augustus Roebling, the Brooklyn Bridge was built (1869–83) in the face of immense difficulties. Roebling died as a result of an accident at the outset, and his son, Washington Roebling, after taking over as chief engineer, suffered a crippling attack of decompression sickness (caisson disease) during the founding of the New York pier (1872). Confined to his apartment in Columbia Heights (Brooklyn), he continued to direct operations with the help of his wife, Emily Warren Roebling, observing with field glasses and sending messages to the site with her assistance. A compressed-air blast that wrecked a pneumatic caisson slowed the work, as did a severe fire that smoldered for weeks in another caisson, a cable that parted from its anchorage on the Manhattan side and crashed into the river, and the fraud perpetrated by a steel-wire contractor that necessitated the replacement of tons of cable. At least 20 workers were killed during construction, and many more suffered decompression sickness.

All I have for you today really are just some facts I found online when I went there, I just took some pictures at the magnificent structure. With it’s beautiful cream-colored bricks and it’s odd yet beautiful bridge structure. I really liked Brooklyn, the bridge was very interesting to see in real life. I only see things like this online in social media, when influencers take pictures here. It’s really amazing to see something you’ve seen behind a screen with your real eyes, you get a completely new and different experience.

Brooklyn, yay or nay?[summary]:

I for one think this is a ‘Yay’, the place is so beautiful to look at. It really gives you that ‘homey’ vibe when you walk around it. The people there are quite nice too! They greet you, the give smiles to everyone around them, it’s truly one beautiful place, the structures, the people, and the environment! If you ever get the chance to go there, grab it! AND DO IT FAST!

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