Brooklyn, NY

TOURING NEW YORK: Brooklyn, NY According to Tripsavvy , Brooklyn isn’t a City, even though Brooklyn is larger than many cities, Brooklyn isn’t a city. It’s an outer-borough of New York City. At one time, Brooklyn was it’s own city, but that was back in the 1800’s. It’s now apart of New York City. Next […]

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Central Park, NY

Touring New York: Central Park, NY According to Britannica, Central Park, largest and most important public park in Manhattan, New York City. It occupies an area of 840 acres (340 hectares) and extends between 59th and 110th streets (about 2.5 miles [4 km]) and between Fifth and Eighth avenues (about 0.5 miles [0.8 km]). It was one of the […]

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Empire State Building, NY

As we ascended from the elevator to the one hundred second floor if I’m not mistaken, there was a video playing on the roof of the building. It was quite calming, since the voice of the American narrator was talking about the building and thanking the people for experiencing the building in its entirety and beauty.

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The Met Museum, NY

Today we’re going to The Met Museum. I wondered why the name “The Met” sounded so familiar, to my surprise, this is where the actual “Met Gala” has been held; looking outside the tour bus the architecture on the outside of the museum looks absolutely -marvelous! I stepped out of the bus and placed my feet on the concrete sidewalk. As I stepped down, I felt chills run down my spine, the climate in fall sure is something.

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Chinatown, NY

As I got down from the van, I noticed something repulsive about our first destination in our New York trip. No offense, but Chinatown, New York smells pretty bad. I honestly couldn’t tell what the possible substances are in the mixture of the sickening smell.

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