Smile By Justin Biana

Nanay walks in to see her two children, with beautiful black eyes as dark as midnight and hair as dark as a shadow of a person in broad daylight, Rayben and Jasmine. Whilst looking at her children, her husband, Tatay, a kind man with curly black hair, cradles Rayben. Nanay smiles to see her beautiful children; however, there’s a slight dilemma amongst them, Rayben has a fever! There’s not much Nanay can do except pray. Nanay would prepare to get lunch ready, she calls for Tatay and asks for his assistance in the making of lunch. Their menu for today is tinola a well-known Filipino dish in the Philippines. Tatay went outside to get the chicken ready for slaughtering.

After lunch, everything goes pretty smooth-sailing from here. Nanay watches her daily show while her children are left to play with their neighbors outside; even though Rayben has a fever, he wouldn’t let a mere fever get in his way of enjoying life. As time goes by, Nanay said that she would go out to get some fruit. She heads out to retrieve some fruit to make juice for her family’s afternoon snack. 

Before she goes to get some fruit, Nanay wants to go and get a good look at nature’s beauty. She would pass by the cornfields, with plants that are about five feet tall! She arrives at the lovely scenery of a river with the rushing sound of water as the wind tickles her arms, she takes a deep breath and ponders for a bit. Perhaps what she would do the next day, or what she might make for dinner. 

After doing so, Nanay would proceed to the field which consisted of tall grass that reaches up to her knee next to the tree of citrus fruit there was a white goat tied to it. She would simply collect the citrus fruit, her face filled with joy, thinking about how happy her children will be when they receive the delicious juice. After getting a good amount of fruit, Nanay passed by the cornfields as she returned home to her family.